Gilsonite 347 Wholesale Supply

Gilsonite 347 has many applications, including increasing UV stability, hardness and water resistance. Quality and reasonable price are the two main priorities of this company and we are ready to export the types of high quality Gilsonite to various foreign countries. In recent years, we have had many orders from different countries, including Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Bahrain, Japan, etc., and we are increasing production.

Gilsonite 347 Wholesale Supply

What Is Differences Between Gilsonite 347 and 300?

What Is Differences Between Gilsonite 347 and 300? In general, the advantages of Gilsonite 347 are:

Further adhesion of Gilsonite 347 to other materials

Cheaper than other additives

Increase the life of colors

Reaction of Gilsonite 347 to paper pigments and more resistance to material abrasion

UV stability of gilsonite 347

Gilsonite 300 has a very dark color that the solution does not thicken much over time. Gilsonite 300 is compatible with resins, hydrocarbon resins, asphalts and waxes and it has many uses. These types of Gilsonite are partially soluble in alcohols and ketones.

Gilsonite 347 Specifications

Gilsonite 347 Specifications Gilsonite is a type of hardened crude oil that is explored in underground mines as a black substance with a glossy surface. In fact, Gilsonite is a type of asphalt with a relatively high melting temperature and is used in a wide range of chemicals. bituminous paints formulations are often used on automobile frames and radia-tots.

All Gilsonite grades have varying degrees of quality, much better than the 1880 prototypes. Gilsonite is used in more than 160 industrial products, including printing inks, oil well drilling cements, and sand additives. Another important application is the preparation of bitumen, which is used to insulate buildings.

Gilsonite asphalts have much better physical and functional properties than conventional asphalt models and are resistant to water and deformation. This type of asphalt is very suitable on busy roads.

Gilsonite is produced in powder form in different grades. This product with excellent adhesion between steel products, protects against discoloration and damage caused by environmental factors. Gilsuite solves without heat in most chlorinated solvents and aromatic solvents such as xylene and benzene. This widely used product solves even in some non-aromatic solvents.

Gilsonite is a natural hydrocarbon, and tests for Gilsonite have no history of symptoms such as lung problems or other health problems associated with working with Gilsonite . This petroleum product is also widely used in the automotive industry. extraction of raw Gilsonite has been done in Iran in recent years and is expanding day by day.

Gilsonite 347 Demands and Supply Reviews

Gilsonite 347 Demands and Supply Reviews Gilsonite is a very pure natural rock that is composed of different types of hydrocarbons. The physical and chemical properties of natural bitumen make it an extremely effective additive. Types of Gilsonite in this production group were offered only for cities inside Iran, but over time, due to the reasonable price and high quality of these products, we have increasing demand from many countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Turkey, etc. One of the main goals of this factory is customer support and ensuring their purchase satisfaction. All your orders are done in the fastest possible time and at a very reasonable price and in bulk anywhere in the world. You can easily have a pleasant purchase from our production group.

Purchasing Gilsonite in bulk, by reducing the number of intermediaries, significantly reduces its final price. You can easily order different types of Gilsonite and Gilsonite 347 in bulk bags as well as in bulk trucks. Until a few years ago, this valuable and widely used material was extracted and exported from very few countries, including the United States, but it has been discovered and extracted in Iran for several years. Gilsonite 347 is being produced and operated on a large scale these days and the demand for it is increasing day by day.

Glycosite is natural, safe and non-toxic. It has a large amount of nitrogen and beta-carotene and is used as an efficient, versatile and cost-effective additive in most industries. Glysuite is much healthier and safer than similar synthetic products. Unlike coal, it is non-toxic. It is non-carcinogenic. Strict safety measures are not required to work with glysuite and it is compliant with EPA standards for deep water drilling operations.