High Purity Gilsonite Wholesale

Gilsonite are known as Asphaltum is a natural asphalt resinous hydrocarbon. It is a hard Hydrocarbon and is often called a natural asphalt, asphaltite, uintaite, or asphaltum. Gilsonite is soluble in aromatic and aliphatic solvents, as well as petroleum asphalt. It is used to harden softer petroleum products. High purity gilsonite can be found in many online shops, websites and stores.

High Purity Gilsonite Wholesale

What Is High Purity Gilsonite?

Gilsonite is a pure hydrocarbon, with a melting point of 165°C, found in this form only in the Uintah Basin of eastern Utah. The mineral is a natural bitumen and geologically a petroleum based solid and therefore extremely compatible with petroleum bitumen. When blended, a very intimate molecule of Gilsonite and bitumen is formed, one that takes on some hardness and durability of Gilsonite while still retaining the flexibility of the Bitumen.

Pure gilsonite uses: in paint industry, In polish industry, As carbon black wetting agents for black news ink and heat set and gravure ink, As a binder in wood products industry,In drilling mud fluids and oil well cementing, As asphalt modifiers, As foundry sands and casting sands additives, In cementing slurriesTo insulate tanks, tubes and even molding, As a binder and additive in steel desulfurization products, To make waterproof coatings for water pipes, Asphalt driveway coat sealer, Solvent-based and emulsion pavement sealers, As a performance-enhancing agent for asphalt mixes, As an organic fuel in fireworks, For manufacture of high purity carbon electrodes in the nuclear industry, As a binder in metallurgical additives and refractories, In manufacture of con-tact and hot melt adhesives, friction products, and pipe coatings, In roofing materials primarily as an agent to lower the penetration of petroleum asphalt without aging or oxidizing the base AsphaltIn Bitumen and Asphalt production.

How Purity of Gilsonite Effects on Sealing?

How Purity of Gilsonite Effects on Sealing? It has been difficult to duplicate the effectiveness of Gilsonite as a borehole stabilizer in the laboratory, as seen in the field, so gilsonite formula is varies where it’s found. Several companies have published data conducted at ambient temperatures and pressures. Many of the tests referenced were or are designed for additives which stabilize shale or clay by partial inhibition or encapsulation.

Since gilsonite and the insoluble blown asphalts require both temperature and pressure for extrusion to occur, these additives do not compare favorably in ambient, low pressure tests. Therefore, to effectively evaluate Gilsonite and asphaltic materials, tests must be designed using higher temperatures and pressures. Purity of Gilsonite highly effects on its sealing, the more pure it is, the more expensive it would be.

High Purity Gilsonite Wholesale Reviews

Gilsonite resin is a naturally occurring mined carbonaceous material classified as an asphaltite. For many years, Gilsonite applications have been in drilling fluids as an additive to assist in borehole stabilization. It has been well documented that this material works efficiently to minimize hole collapse in unstable shale sections. However, because Gilsonite is an asphaltite with a high temperature softening point, it has been difficult to duplicate its mending action in laboratory tests conducted at ambient temperatures and low pressures.

Only recently have new laboratory techniques been developed to evaluate Gilsonite under simulated downhole conditions. Innovative procedures using a newly-built downhole simulation cell tested Gilsonite under temperatures and pressures similar to drilling conditions in which the product would normally be used. These innovative tests indicate that borehole enlargement was minimized using Gilsonite while substantial enlargement was measured using the same drilling fluid system without Gilsonite.

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