Gilsonite Selects 300 Sales

Gilsonite selects 300 have been used in various industries, and it can be boldly said that this product has been used in buildings construction due to its excellent properties to make it resistant against water from rains, snow, and sewage; so it has a remarkable demand rate in the global market. Sales of gilsonite 300 viscosity with excellent conditions are underway for different purposes as well as gilsonite in ink in high quality and reasonable prices for customers and consumers all around the world.

Gilsonite Selects 300 Specifications

Gilsonite Selects 300 Specifications To make consumers more aware, we want to talk about some of the features of gilsonite and explain good information in this regard. So you need to be with us until the end of this section.

1- Degree of penetration: The degree of penetration can be considered via a test that is used to determine the hardness of the gilsonite bitumen. In this experiment, a standard needle penetrates the bitumen at a temperature of 25 degrees for 5 seconds under the effect of a 100 g load. The amount of penetration in terms of tenths of a millimeter is called the degree of penetration. The lower the degree of penetration, the harder the bitumen.

2- Viscosity: Some gilsonite solutions can become very viscous at ambient temperature. Also, the viscosity of some solutions can increase steadily over time. These properties are typically observed when using low solvency legal flavor oils or when using high gilsonite percentages. In such cases, (1) a small amount of viscosity modifier is often added to keep the paint at a sufficiently high temperature. A liquid that can be easily filtered, and (2) reduce the viscosity of the surroundings to stabilize and allow the solution to remain liquid until ready for use.

3- Degree of ignition: Degree of ignition is the temperature that if gilsonite bitumen reaches it, the gases emitted from it ignite as the flame approaches, and a flame is formed on its surface.

4- Weight loss: gilsonite’s weight loss at high temperatures is due to the evaporation of some of its oils and petroleum compounds. This characteristic is also one of the important properties of bitumen. The weight loss of bitumen in the oven is measured at 163 ° C for 5 hours (approximate asphalt curing conditions).

5- Ductility or angularity: If we draw a sample of the desired product with a cross-sectional area of ​​1 cm2 at a speed of 5 cm/minute, the amount of increase in the length of the sample before the bituminous property is torn.

7- Degree of softness: The degree of softness is the temperature at which the bitumen changes from solid to liquid when the gilsonite reaches that temperature. The degree of softness of ordinary bitumens is about 60 to 70.

Where Is Gilsonite 300 Used For?

Where Is Gilsonite 300 Used For? Numerous uses of Gilsonite powder have caused the sale of this product to have a special share of the Iranian market. Bitumen powder produced in Iran has a much cheaper price than the world market and also due to the vast mines of this product in Iran, access to it is very easy and abundant. This material is useful in various road construction, paint, and asphalt industries And has high resistance to acid and base.

Benefits of asphalt pavement gilsonite include improved stability, resistance to deformation problems such as rutting and slipping, resistance to water lines, and increased load-bearing capacity.

How Is Gilsonite Selects 300 Sale Market?

Gilsonite is currently sold worldwide as an asphalt modifier in the form of a dry solid granular powder. Gilsonite 300 sales market, in our site, is done by offering the best and highest quality products in different quantities with excellent and extraordinary conditions such as reasonable prices for buyers, affordable global shipping prices for customers all around the world. Also, to find out the Gilsonite Selects price, you can refer to this collection and make your purchase in the best possible way through a simple and easy process.