Gilsonite 350 Distributor Situation

Gilsonite 350 or mineral bitumen is one of the newest types of raw materials used in road construction which is widely used due to a series of unique features such as high resistance to external factors such as heat and high durability. Gilsonite 350 distributor is one of the best places where you can buy these products with the highest quality and the most reasonable price And in this way, bring a great and memorable purchase for yourself.

Gilsonite 350 Distributor Situation

What Is Differences between Gilsonite 300 and 350?

There are two types of coal in the world, one of which is vegetable and the other is oil. From millions of years ago, oil resources gradually came to the surface, dried up and turned into coal or so-called coke, the oil part of which is scientifically known as gilsinide. Gilsinide is bitumen in nature and is actually a type of dried bitumen called mineral bitumen or natural bitumen. This product is not made from vacuum baton or refinery waste, but is found in nature.

In the last sixty or seventy years, especially in the last twenty years, mineral bitumen has found many uses in the world and is used, for example, in the production of modified bitumen, insulation and the chemical industry. In some countries of the world, mineral bitumen has been used for some time to produce modified bitumen, which is finally used for asphalting.

The advantages of its high durability and long life compared to conventional asphalts are the reduction of asphalt consumption and the reduction of car friction on the road surface, which has led developed countries to use gilsonate in their asphalt compositions due to its asphaltic compounds.

Amazing Gilsonite 350 Advantages

Amazing Gilsonite 350 Advantages we can mention advantages of Gilsonite 350 as following:

  1. Gilsonite in asphalt and road construction industries:High resistance to deformation, High resistance to climate change and temperature, rise 20% reduction in road surface thickness, High resistance to abrasion of water and condensate, Insulation of seams and sidewalks, Reduce repair and asphalt replacement costs by up to 60%, Compensate for poor granulation and mix design, Reduce the possibility of breakage at low and cold temperatures, Excellent performance in areas under heavy pressure and large loads.
  2. Gilsonite in isogum and insulation industries: Proper adhesion, Long lasting, High permeability
  3. Gilsonite in rust and epoxy industries: Cheap additive for anti-corrosion paints, primers and wood paints and pipe coatings ,Maintains color fastness against harmful sunlight (UV) ,Use in bitumen-based paints to insulate water tanks, fishing boats and protective walls
  4. Gilsonite in the inkjet and toner printer industries: Excellent adhesion to inks used in newspapers, magazines and periodicals, High ability in spreading on the paper, Print black uniformly High quality on paper
  5. Gilsonite in the foundry industry: Reduce the reaction between the mold and the molten material, Reduce final allowances and pay better
  6. Gilsonite in drilling mud: Ability to work in very high temperature environments (high softening point between 175 to 235 ° C), Prevent damage to drill bits, Prevent sticky drilling mud with oil base, Polishing the surfaces of drilling wells and removing excess mud and drilling sludge, hole stabilizer of gilsonite 350 is another advantage.

Main Gilsonite 350 Distributor Traffic Line

Natural bitumen is exported in powder form with grades 300, 325, 347 and 350 and in special packages. Gilsonites have been used in developed countries such as the United States and France for over 30 years. In recent years, countries such as India and China have also paid attention to this magical substance, and due to its rich resources in Iran, they have started importing Gilsonite from Iran. bitumen gilsonite buyers have turned to Iran due to their very reasonable price compared to other countries with its resources and high purity. Our company is ready to provide all relevant services in this field to esteemed buyers.

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