Gilsonite Coke Wholesale in Best Price

Gilsonite is a mineral that has been introduced as a waterproof coating for wooden columns and insulation for wires and cables. If you are looking for wholesale Gilsonite Coke at the best price, stay tuned for more. We will teach you important and useful tips in this field.

Gilsonite Coke Wholesale in Best Price

Gilsonite Coke Descriptions

Gilsonite Coke Descriptions Gilsonite is the crude oil that after thousands of years, after earthquakes and due to pressure and temperature as well as time, loses its volatile material and the rest of it remains a shiny, brittle and glassy material that looks like coal.

The name was chosen because the first person to discover the product and sell it commercially was Samuel Gilson, who led the American company Gilsonite after registering the brand; And today, the whole world knows this product by his name.

The production of steel by the arc furnace method is strongly dependent on the graphite electrode and, more importantly, the production of the graphite electrode exclusively on the needle coke.

Needle coke is a very important material for the production of graphite electrodes. Delayed coking method or active substrate is mostly used to produce needle coke.

Needle coke is produced from two sources: petroleum coke or oil coke and coal tar coke. Petroleum Coke (Petroleum Coke) is a by-product of the refining of crude oil, which is mainly composed of carbon and contains some sulfur and heavy metals such as nickel and vanadium.

What Is Gilsonite Coke Used For?

What Is Gilsonite Coke Used For? 1. Gilsonite is used as a drilling mud additive and depending on the type of drilling, drilling depth, soil and density as well as the pressure of the soil layers, the percentage of its use in the drilling mud formula varies. It is also used as FLC (fluid loss control) or control of fluid wastage in the drilling mud and by melting, it causes the drilling drill to heat up as well as lubricate the drill.

2. Gilsonite in asphalting helps to increase the stability of asphalt and creates high adhesion between macadam and bitumen. This adhesion prevents the asphalt from cracking and also does not grow on the plant asphalt. One of the most important things they do in asphalting is to reduce the thickness of the asphalt and reduce the volume of bitumen used.

3. When mixing with asphalt, it does not loosen or soften due to sun exposure, and it does not step or collapse when braking heavy trucks.

4. Most airports in the world prepare asphalt with Gilsonite additive. The most important reason is when it warms up when the plane wheels rub against the runway and the asphalt does not deform in summer and winter.

5. It is mostly used in insulation in the production of isogum. By mixing gilsonite, calcium carbonate, additive and bitumen with oil to increase the tensile strength of isogum is produced, which makes the composite and increases the heat resistance of isogum and creates a stable and homogeneous coating.

6. Graphitizability of gilsonite is another application. Graphite is used as an electrode for furnaces, lubricants, refractories, electrical components, paints, high carbon steels, cast irons, graphite pencils, and more.

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