Gilsonite for Oil Drilling Quality

Gilsonite mine and natural bitumen sales center has provided an opportunity for all customers in the volume of major and minor purchases to provide the best and highest quality gilsonite for oil drilling. The fast and extensive packaging and supply of this product has enabled many customers to make large and very convenient purchases. Join us in this regard. There are different types of Gilsonite in the market. Access to the main production center and mining of Gilsonite in the Iranian market has made many customers and consumers can make their purchases at more reasonable prices.

Gilsonite for Oil Drilling Quality

Gilsonite for Oil Drilling Specifications

Gilsonite for Oil Drilling Specifications Today, Gilsonite is used to produce high-strength industrial solvents because it easily blends with other materials to produce high-quality products. Many manufacturers have tried to produce and market high quality gilsonate. An important characteristic of this material is that it has a high boiling point, semi-solid shape, black color and نه, not Contamination and impurities that melt at the lowest temperature, such as the temperature of the environment, and stick to the hand or the ground and are not removed.

Also, this material should be taken from crude oil that has high quality, not from oil that is low quality and its components can not be separated from each other. An important feature of this product is that it is used as a solution in oil solutions because it produces the best solvents that are used in various industries. When deep-sea crude oil loses its volatile matter over time against atmospheric agents, a black solid called gilsonite remains. Gilsonite is also known as bitumen, mineral bitumen, natural asphalt, mineral asphalt, hard asphalt and Zagronite.

Gilsonite is a dense black substance, shiny and similar to glass minerals, it is brittle and can be turned into powder. In the structure of gilsonite cementing , aromatic compounds such as pyrrole, pyridine, furan and polyphenolic are seen along with aliphatic chain groups and amide groups.

Why Do We Use Gilsonite for Oil Drilling?

Why Do We Use Gilsonite for Oil Drilling? Gilsonite is used in drilling oil wells. Adding specially refined Gilsonite to water-based drilling fluids by stabilizing intrusive petroleum rocks minimizes cavity leaching, seals highly permeable sands, and reduces torque and tension. Addition of gilsonite to oil well cements reduces the weight of the slurry without loss of compressive strength and acts as an effective agent in bonding and tightening fracture sealing in weak formations during cementation. Gilsonite is used as a gilsonite drilling mud additive and depending on the type of drilling, drilling depth, soil and density as well as the pressure of the ground layers, the percentage of its use in the drilling mud formula varies. However, the use of drilling mud is done for a number of reasons, and this mud has functions in the drilling process, which include:

  • Protect the well wall and prevent it from falling
  • Help crush rocks by softening them
  • Drilling cooling
  • Creating pressure in the well and preventing groundwater from
  • entering the well
  • Leaching of excavated soil and gravel

Gilsonite for Oil Drilling Quality Differences

Gilsonite for Oil Drilling Quality Differences Gilsonite has many samples, each of which has different quality grades, and one of the examples is drilling gilsonite, painting gilsonite, casting gilsonite, etc., which have high export and economic value and with the best Quality is also exported to different countries. The benefits of using gilsonite for export are many, and the units and individuals who use this product should be aware of its various advantages. The most important advantages of using gilsonite are the following:

One of the advantages of using gilsonite quality standard is its very high quality and the manufacturing units can use it for their various products. This export sample is anti-allergic and does not contain chemicals and toxic substances that are harmful to the individual and the environment, and therefore people can buy and use it with more confidence. It has suitable and quality packaging for supply to different countries, which will also be offered in domestic markets with this feature.

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