Gilsonite Lump Products Truns to Gilsonite

Iran is known as one of the best centers for buying and selling quality gilsonite lump with numerous mines all over the country. Customers have the opportunity to review the product analysis and after ensuring the health, quality and purity of the product to buy gilsonite. Among the advantages of Iranian mines for the production of this product is the cheap price of the product, very high quality, high production volume and a stable sales market in this country. You can contact our sales department to prepare gilsonite lump products.

Gilsonite Lump Products Truns to Gilsonite

What Is Gilsonite Lump?

Gilsonite lump of coal is separated after thousands of years after the earthquake due to pressure and temperature factors as well as the time of volatiles, and the rest is a shiny, brittle, glassy material that resembles coal.

This valuable product contains more than 100 elements and can be combined and homogenized with 160 other materials, and its soft temperature is between 148 to 240 degrees Celsius and its permeability is up to 4 hundred millimeters. This product is easily mixed with bitumen and is used as a modifier and increases temperature resistance, endurance and tensile strength.

Also, high concentration of asphaltene in Gilsonite pile increases the viscosity of bitumen. Typically, 5 to 15% natural bitumen lump is used as a viscosifier for bitumen.

How Gilsonite Lump Turns in to Different Grades?

How Gilsonite Lump Turns in to Different Grades? Gilsonite is available in varying degrees and is classified according to its degree of softness. The degree of softness is used as an approximate guide to dissolving the adhesive and solvent behaviors. The chemical difference between the degrees of Gilsonite is negligible, with only minor differences in molecular weight and asphaltene / resin content. It should be noted that the existing Gilsonite is in the category of solid bitumen known as asphalt. These sediments are different from other asphalts due to the following characteristics:

  • High levels of asphaltene
  • High solubility in organic solvents
  • High purity and compatibility
  • High levels of nitrogen

Gilsonite analysis is performed physically and chemically by destructive and non-destructive methods. By XRF and XRD, the available elements are identified, which usually what is seen in crude oil can also be seen in this mineral.

How Gilsonite Lump Products Manufactured in to Gilsonite?

How to produce Gilsonite Lump products is that first Gilsonite lump stone enters the factory from the mine in different dimensions. These lumps, after being poured into the inlet hopper of the device, enter the jaw mill and are turned into smaller pieces by this mill. After leaving the jaw mill, these parts enter the hammer mill. The dimensions of the output rock of the hammer mill are between 1-5 mm, which is suitable for the entrance of the main mill of the system (separator mill).

The output materials of the hammer mill are poured into the material silo by an elevator and stored in this place. At the outlet of this silo, a rotary valve is installed for uniform exit of materials to enter the separator mill. The materials stored in the raw material silo enter the separator mill through this rotary. After entering the mill, the input materials are created due to high wind pressure and the impact between the hammers and the armor installed in the system immediately turns into powder.

In this system, the jet pulse method is used to remove the ground materials inside the machine. To remove the powdered materials, first the suction fan that is connected to the bag filter system starts sucking and the powdered materials are created due to the suction created from the mill outlet. The separator, which is connected to the filter inlet, is transferred and attached to the filter bag in the filter. It is poured and then transferred to the product silo (envelope filling) through the valve rotary which is also installed at the end of the filter and is ready to be supplied to the consumer market for packaging in both bulk and bag forms.

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