Natural Bitumen Price Changes

Gilsonite price in Iran depends on various factors. From the domestic economy to Iran’s international situation and the global gilsonite price, everyone is affected.natural bitumenThe high purity of the product produced in Iran has been able to attract many customers. That is why many are looking for access to this product and its major sales.

Natural Bitumen Price Changes

What’s Bitumen Used For?

What’s Bitumen Used For? Bitumen is a black and pasty material that is used in moisture insulation and asphalt construction. asphalt road There are different types of bitumen, each of which has a specific application. Bitumen is a derivative of oil and is often produced in oil refineries.The following applications of bitumen have been investigated: 1) – Types of applications of emulsin bitumen in paving roads and airports: 1) Surface coating 2) Penetration macadam 3) Cold machine mixes 4) Sealing with suspended mixture 5) Surface coating 6) Reinforcement coating 7) Soil-in-situ consolidation 8) Address dust 2) – Oil mulches Different methods of using mulches: 1) Stabilization of quicksand 2) Protection of airports and facilities 3) Construction mulches 4) Agricultural mulches 5) Production of artificial rain 6) Road and iron mulches Insulation Mulch. Bitumen is a dense, highly viscous, oil-derived hydrocarbon that is classified into two main types. The first type is natural bitumen, which is found under oil hills and lakes, and the other type is refined bitumen from crude oil deposition. Bitumen contains 2% oxygen, 11% hydrogen and 87% carbon. As mentioned, this product is a high molecular weight hydrocarbon containing oils, resins and asphaltene. The presence of 5 to 30% of asphaltene in bitumen causes the bitumen to harden. Bitumen is produced in two ways: Direct execution Blowing air based on a cross-sectional or continuous process Bitumen is mainly used in construction, road construction, road insulation, asphalting of streets or roof insulation. This product according to different production processes to different types and degrees and physical tests such as penetration test, viscosity test, point test Ignition, solubility test, softening point test, flexibility test and other items are divided.

Who invented bitumen?

Who invented bitumen? Bitumen is a thick, sticky, black, non-crystalline substance that dissolves in carbon disulfide (CS2). This definition of bitumen can be found in many texts. The first civilization to become acquainted with bitumen was the ancient Sumerian civilization, whose people used this material to seal their towers in 4000 BC. After them, the Egyptians and Babylonians also used bitumen. The ancient Egyptians used bitumen for various uses, including sealing and embalming corpses. The word mummy is derived from the Persian word (wax) which has become (Mummy) in English. This method, which was actually used to immortalize man, was very popular in ancient Egypt.brief history of asphalt The ancient Egyptians embalmed corpses in a variety of ways, using a material that was mostly made of bitumen.They extracted the bitumen needed for embalming from the natural bitumen mines that existed in those areas, using traditional methods. Recent archaeological studies on the bitumen used in Egyptian mummies show that they obtained their required bitumen either from the natural bitumen mines of the mountain (Zeit) near the Suez Canal or from the surrounding mines (Bahr al-Mit).

How Is Price Natural Bitumen Changes?

How Is Price Natural Bitumen Changes? Bitumen is made up of millions of years of minerals deposited in bituminous rocks. It represents crude oils that are severely degraded due to microbial function and are rich in hydrocarbons, hydrogen, sulfur and nitrogen. High adhesion and moisture resistance are among the features that show the use of natural bitumen in industries such as road construction and construction. The molecular weight of bitumen causes a semi-polymerization effect against various conditions. This compound has anti-erosion properties and therefore its use as an asphalt coating increases the useful life of roads up to five times.price of bitumen per barrel Of course, this very high adhesion property makes bitumen extraction much more difficult compared to other materials and requires much more equipment for transportation.