Quality of Gilsonite in Asphalt Supply

Gilsonite in asphalt quality is very important in providing asphalt, because it makes the asphalt not crack easily, this product is marketed by many reputable Iranian companies with excellent quality. This product is such that it should be used with excellent quality to prepare asphalt. For more information, please contact with our company.

Quality of Gilsonite in Asphalt Supply

Gisonite in Asphalt Specifications

Gisonite in Asphalt Specifications Gilsonite or bitumen comes from the heart of nature and the soil of the oil-rich regions of the world. gilsonite composition valuable material is mostly used as a bitumen modifier and asphalt mixer due to its excellent compatibility with petroleum products, and it also plays an important role in the road and pavement industry. With its rich oil fields in the western regions, Iran has become one of the top exporters of Gilsonite bitumen in the world and has found many customers in the international arena. One of the factors that adds to the importance and value of this product; It exists in nature and is in fact natural. In fact, refined or industrial bitumen is an oil waste and has a much lower quality than natural gilsonite. Another reason for the popularity of this amazing substance in various industries is its non-toxic and anti-cancer properties. Since this material is very hydrophobic and has a high resistance to acid and base. Usually used to make asphalt and isogum. The solubility of gilsonite in non-polar solvents such as molten bitumen as well as the reduction of its degree of penetration and high resistance has made the isogum and waterproofing industries welcome. Modified asphalt with Gilsonite. They usually have more stability, less deformation, more water resistance and, of course, less permeability than non-Gilsonite asphalts. This important product improves pavement stability and surface resistance to deformation as well as increasing bearing capacity. One of the factors to increase the strength and resistance of asphalt; Sulfur and sulfur compounds are present in this substance. Gilsonite is widely used in hot asphalt mixtures. Mixing it with bitumen increases the strength and resistance of pavements to traffic, reduces the effect of wheels on pavement, creates cracks at low temperatures, prevents deformation in hot weather and also the effects of humidity. Due to the accuracy of the bitumen process and the resulting asphalt, many countries such as Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, France and Germany have used Gilsonite for busy lines, which has been successful.

How to MIX Gilsonite in Bitumen?

How to MIX Gilsonite in Bitumen? Gilsonite is a natural hydrocarbon with a high content of asphaltene as well as nitrogen compounds that is fully compatible with refined bitumen. In its simplest form, gilsonite can be easily dissolved in refined bitumen and encapsulated, either as a high-pressure solution or added directly during the manufacturing process. To use gilsonite on asphalt, the amount of ash in it does not matter. bitumen’s substitute presence of ash in gilsonite is not an unpleasant cause and is even used to repair asphalt by mixing it with other additives. Some experiments show that the presence of sulfur compounds in Gilsonite during asphalt concreting makes asphalt more resistant, so the presence of sulfur in Gilsonite is an important and good factor for mixing it with asphalt. As a result, it is very suitable for mixing with Gilsonite asphalt. When gilsonite is added to refinery bitumen, it reduces the penetration and increases the viscosity and increases its softening point.

how to check quality of gilsonite in bitumen supply?

how to check quality of gilsonite in bitumen supply? Gilsonite laboratories Mine and Bitumen Sales Center has provided the opportunity for all customers in the bulk and partial purchase volume to provide the best and highest quality Gilsonite. The fast and extensive packaging and supply of this product has enabled many customers to make large and very convenient purchases. This is the point of buying and selling Gilsonite. Access to the main center for production and extraction of Gilsonite in the Iranian market has made it possible for many customers to make their purchase at a more reasonable price.

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